Week 2

Previously on TEFL up… I had just started and had a number of posts.

This week has involved me writing a number of posts. I actually have about two weeks of posts written. So the numbers for this week.


Posts: 25 (7 new)

Sessions: 103 (average duration 3:42)

Users: 81

Page views: 318

Bounce rate: 74.76%

Organic search: 3

This week I have had a lot more traffic, although still far from the numbers I need. I have promoted the site more on Facebook, and I am starting to get followers on pinterest. Still not much coming from organic searches, but that will change when I start writing posts which are designed to attract that traffic.


Social: 16

Direct: 72

Organic: 3

Referral: 12

This time most of my viewers have come directly. Perhaps this is from me posting the link and people typing it out. Referral seems to refer to tumblr, whereas social mainly refers to pinterest.

Visitor type:

New: 38.7%

Returning: 61.3%

Once again, most of my traffic is returning, which seems positive.


What have I learnt this week?

This is probably going to be a slower process than I thought. Performing SEO on categories and tags is a waste of time.

What will be next for the blog?

Continue posting and pinning on pinterest and improve my search optimisation there. Think about the type of posts that are going to attract serious numbers of viewers to my blog. Also, check the mobile friendliness by testing the site myself – this might be attributing to the high bounce rate.



The first week

Previously on TEFL up… this blog was my main blog. I realised that this wasn’t the best platform for that blog. I moved that blog to here.

Now I have decided to continue a blog here, but to go meta and use this blog to log my progress in starting a blog, and maybe one day earning an income from it. I’m not looking for £500,000 a year or what some blogs apparently earn (I mean sure it would be nice, but I simply want a second income and to share my knowledge.

So how has the first week gone:

Well let’s look at the numbers as that is the metric for a successful blog:

Posts: 18 (many of which had previously been here)

Sessions: 36 (average duration 5:59)

Users: 16

Page views: 121

Bounce rate: 58.33%

Organic search: 1

So I have not really had a lot of views. That’s not surprising. I haven’t done a lot to promote the site yet as I want to get a fair bit on content on there. The organic search was just weird (since the guy searched amazon which is not a tag or even a word I have used in a post). Mainly it seems my site is not indexed on most search engines yet. My SEO is pretty good, so I expect that views will improve massively once that happens.


Social: 20

Direct: 15

Organic: 1

Most of my viewers so far have came from pinterest. That is interesting since these figures don’t seem to be confirmed on pinterest. Anyhow, pinterest seems to be a good source of viewers so I need to keep using this as much as possible.

My tactic of posting links on facebook and so on has been far less effective.

Visitor type:

New: 44.4%

Returning: 55.6%

This seems like an early win. I would expect there to be more new visitors early on, but it shows I am doing something right if my small number of viewers are coming back.

Well these are the most interesting of the numbers in my view.

For a more qualitative view of things, here is a two question interview with myself.

What have you learnt this week?

So much. Perhaps the most important things are how SEO works, how pinterest works, how to make semi decent looking pins, where to get better photographs, how to get my site indexed (still waiting it on it though).

What will be next for the blog?

Well, I want to get some more serious traffic, so firstly I need to keep pinning things on pinterest. I will continue to post daily as long as I can. I have enough posts already written for next week. I have another idea for more posts that can work well, but the current series of activities is essential to making it work. I want to put up a subscribe wall to encourage more subscribers too.

When my site is finally indexed, I need to SEO the tag and category pages. I have done all the posts but I already have over 120 tags so doing this will take a long time but if it results in more traffic then I will do it.

Well there you have it. And you can check out the blog here. Thank you.